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Success Donors are recurring donors that accelerate the empowerment of women in the workforce, not just today, but all year long. Becoming a Success Donor is affordable, flexible, effective and convenient. Recurring gifts provide a steady source of income that allows Dress for Success Vancouver to make immediate, and long-term investments to help local women not only make ends meet, but also achieve their highest potential. Become a Success Donor and know that you are giving a lasting impact to women in our communities.

We are so grateful for our Success Donors and celebrate their commitment to further our mission of empowering women into the workforce.

Read their stories and learn why they give to Dress for Success Vancouver.

I’m a Success Donor because… Dress for Success Vancouver is an organization I have supported both as a funder (as a partner of BC Social Venture Partners), then as a board member and since then as a donor. I always tell my friends, family and colleagues that paying it forward with meaningful support is why I support Dress for Success Vancouver. The impact your organization has on people and the community is hard to measure at times but often I see the change face-to-face and that is enough for me.
— Raymond To

I’m a Success Donor because… they helped me in a moment in my life when I was in need. I was a single mom who had just moved back to Canada. I had not worked in Canada for over 10 years. I was extremely nervous about getting into the workforce, my resources were limited, and my confidence was very low. Then, I came across Dress for Success Vancouver. I received clothing for interviews and some training so that I would feel more confident in an interview scenario. This help was priceless. A true blessing!
— Sophie Charalambides

I’m a Success Donor because…I firmly believe in the organization’s mission of empowering women. Dress for Success Vancouver recognizes that clothing plays a crucial role in boosting women’s confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, Dress for Success Vancouver goes beyond just providing clothing. The organization also offers valuable career development tools and resources such as job search assistance, interview coaching, and resume-building workshops. All leading towards a woman’s financial independence.
—Monique Badun

I’m a Success Donor because… When a woman can create a secure income it strengthens her entire community. Dress for Success Vancouver helps achieve this resolve and I’m living proof that their services make an impact for women to excel. My first introduction to Dress for Success Vancouver was seventeen years ago as a client. Once I was stable in my career, I wanted to give back to this incredible organization in every way possible. I’ve held many volunteer positions over the years, my favourites have been personal stylist and helping with events. I’m excited for more!
—Anastasia Aurora Akintemi

I’m a Success Donor because… I recently moved to Vancouver four years ago and was looking to get involved and give back. I heard about Dress for Success Vancouver and thought it was a wonderful organization. I find it very rewarding as a stylist to help these women feel wonderful about themselves. Many don’t recognize themselves in the mirror once they have a new outfit on. Watching them gain their confidence so they can pursue their dreams and goals is gratifying. Giving a monthly donation is worth every penny.
—Andrea McDonald

I’m a Success Donor because… The evidence shows empowering women and equipping them with the skills and resources to thrive is the path to bettering our society on so many levels: economically, socially, politically. It’s the path to inclusivity, equality and prosperity. That’s why I support Dress for Success Vancouver. I admire the visionary leadership of Executive Director Amy Robichaud and the creativity and drive of the team to relentlessly pursue their mission to empower women to achieve economic independence. Their work is important.
—Catherine Ducharme

I’m a Success Donor because… I love how Dress for Success Vancouver changes the lives of women facing challenges in our community and thus changes the lives of their family members as well. Many people think of just clothing when they think of Dress for Success. The clothing is critically important but so is the support with training, mentoring and peer support in the Professional Women’s Group and PWG Alumnae.
—Brenda Benham

I’m a Success Donor because… of the positive impacts that I’ve observed as a volunteer on the women who access the comprehensive services that Dress for Success Vancouver offers to help empower them into good jobs, financial independence and personal success. By being a Success Donor, I also know that I’m contributing to supporting a community of passionate and dedicated staff, volunteers, and other supporters who contribute their time and talents toward the success of the women we serve and living our values of hope, dignity and inclusion
—Isabelle Godsy

I’m a Success Donor because… I believe that the “job ready” services, that the team provides, give so many women (many of them new to Vancouver) the community and support they need to thrive (not just survive) in their work and in life.⁠
—Shannon Taylor

I’m a Success Donor because… Dress For Success Vancouver is an organization that empowers women to succeed. Since I have a passion for helping others and great respect for those who work hard to become the best versions of themselves, it is an honour to support and align with them.
—Judy Sehling

We are so grateful to the following Success Donors:

Abby Chow
Agnes Dalisay
Alana Paige Brettle
Alidad Pejman
Amy Robichaud
Anastasia Aurora
Andrea McDonald
Annabel St John
Armita Seyedalikhani
Assunta Iannilli
Audrey Lin
Bernice Lee
Brenda Benham
Bria Marchenski
Brigitte Leong-Chung
Cameron Wilson
Carla Wood
Carla Bury
Carolyn Bishop
Carolynne Millard
Catherine Palmer
Catherine Ducharme
Charlene Loughlin
Cheryl Ador
Cheryl Burian
Christina Florencio
Christine Chan
Christopher Sauder
Christy Pratt
Cissy Lei
D. Wendy Lee
Dana Felske
Danielle Slavin
Darcy Matheson
Dawn Gannon
Debbie Gregg
Deborah Stellingwerff
Deborah Baker
Debra Tivvy
Delna Bhesania
Dolores Langford
Donna McLennan
E Scott Fletcher
Elizabeth Black
Emily Hamer
Emma Yendol


Erica Enstrom
Fiona McGlade
Gail Banning
Georgeann Glover
Geraldine Abuel
Grace De Leon
Hannah Magus
Heather Lawrence
Huu Phan
Isabelle Godsy
Janette Fricker
Janka Hall
Jasmine Parmar
Jenn Wint
Jennifer Katzsch
Jenny Chu
Jenny Matches
Jillian Bryan
Joan Ezra
Judy Sehling
Kamal Atwal
Karen Ranalletta
Kate Kerr
Kate Longmire
Kathleen Reid
Katrina Milani
Katy Roohoni
Kim Craig
Kirsten Hall
Ky De Val
Lana Austin
Lisa Beck
Lisa Thompson
Lisa Young
Lorelle Gilpin
Lorraine Wong
Louise Lee
Lucy Schilling
Madeline Petter
Mandeep Mann
Marianne LaRochelle
Marie-Helene Pelletier
Marie-Noelle Savoie
Marilyn Welch
Marina Adshade
Marni Johnson
Mary Sharkey


May Villacampa
Mercy Campbell
Michell Willows
Mina Mohtadi
Monica Vera
Monique Badun
Nadine Sparks
Natascha Kiernan
Natasha Irvine
Navneet Kaur
Nella Maier
Nicola Sprague
Olivia Sprague
Pamela Reddy
Patricia Chew
Pauline O’Mailly
Penelope (Penny) Longman
Rania Hatzioannou
Raymond To
Regina Adshade Moore
Risa Fahy
Rita Hall
Ritika Rana
Roberta Oramabu
Rory O’Connor
Ruth Tsukishima
Sandra Nass
Sara Georgees
Sara Padidar
Sarah Warren
Sarah Nathanson
Selina Wong
Shannon Taylor
Silvia Hoogstins
Sol Gacad
Sonali Sharma
Sophie Charalambides
Stephanie Wilson
Stephanie Chu
Susan Biali
Tanya Wilson
Tracy MacRae
Urvi Ramsoondar
Valerie Johnson
Vickie King
Vy Luu
Zara Boldt

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