PWG is a great way to meet and discuss with a group of women from different working environments.

– PWG Graduate

PWG | The Professional Women’s Group

​​The Professional Women’s Group (PWG) is a free 12-month cohort program for women looking for guidance, inspiration, and community as they build their careers and tackle challenges and opportunities in their professional and personal lives. Three cohorts are now offered each year, a winter cohort starting in February-March, a spring cohort starting in May, and a fall cohort starting in September-October. The program is open to all women and gender-diverse individuals who are seeking an environment that supports their growth.

PWG comprises the following three components:


Each month on a Saturday morning, a PWG cohort will come together virtually to learn and discuss a topic related to leadership and civic engagement, health and wellness, financial literacy, work-life alignment, and navigating the workplace. Each session is lead by an expert speaker in their field.


Each PWG member is matched with a mentor to work one-on-one to achieve the goals the member has set out to accomplish. Members and mentors meet at least once a month to discuss the mentee’s short-term and long-term goals, any personal or professional challenges the mentee might be facing, and/or new strategies to help the mentee thrive in all areas of their life.

Interested in volunteering as a Mentor for PWG? Apply here.


Networking and community-building in PWG takes place within our meetings and on our online platform that provides members and mentors with a place to share information, resources, and experiences with one another.

Member Eligibility:

To be eligible for PWG, you must be:

  • A woman or identify as a woman or non-binary
  • Working at least 20 hours a week
  • Available to attend meetings virtually once a month on Saturday mornings.
  • Committed to attend all 12 cohort meetings

Please note: participants may join at any career level.

If you have any questions about PWG, please email If you are interested in joining PWG, please submit your expression of interest by clicking on the link below and we will follow up with an application for the recruitment process.

2024 Cohorts:

This year we are offering the following cohorts: 

  • PWG 44, starting in January 2024 as a virtual cohort with monthly meetings held on Saturday mornings. Applications now closed.
  • PWG 45, starting in April 2024 as a virtual cohort with monthly meetings held on Tuesday evenings. Applications now closed.
  • PWG 46, starting in September 2024 as an in-person cohort with monthly meetings held on Saturday mornings. Applications will open soon.

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