This workshop gave me so much joy and hope for the future. I am really grateful for the opportunity to join workshops like this through Dress for Success Vancouver.

Workshop participant

Dress for Success Vancouver offers a wide range of free online workshops covering a variety of topics to help women thrive at work and in life. From professional development to health and wellness, our workshops are an opportunity to come together as a community to hear from experts in their fields, reflect on how the topics resonate in your life, and take the next steps towards reaching your goals. Everyone, including volunteers, donors, clients, staff, and referral partner agencies is welcome to attend.

The Strong Woman Investor

Thursday, June 15th from 7-8 PM

Register for our workshop on Thursday, June 15th from 7-8 PM to learn why women are powerful investors! Understand the importance of money habits as they relate to long-term stability and peace of mind, look at options for managing money and learn about the different investment vehicles, and learn how to assess your situation and plan for your retirement.


Self Compassion: Finding the Friend in You

Thursday, June 22 from 7-8 PM

In this workshop, we are going to be looking at self-compassion. What is it? Why is it important? How do we develop it? We’ll look at each of the three components of self-compassion, as coined by Dr. Kristen Neff: self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness.

Join us Thursday, June 22 from 7-8 PM for a discussion of the benefits of self-compassion, such as reduced anxiety and stress, and the obstacles we often face when bringing self-compassion into our lives. Finally, we will look at how to begin building this skill right now and practicing it in our daily lives, so we always have a friend to lean on when we need it!