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AngusOne Staffing Partnership

AngusOne Staffing Partnership with Dress for Success Vancouver

AngusOne Staffing are delighted to sponsor the 6thAnnual Dress for Success Luncheon which will take place on November 14that The Parq Vancouver. We are extremely proud to be able to connect with so many inspiring women and hear their success stories with this charity. We are also very much looking forward to helping this charity highlight the importance of empowering women in the workplace.

Why We Partner with Dress for Success

1. This Charity Resonates with Us

Dress for Success is a charity we truly believe in. We’ve been astounded and inspired by hearing the success stories of so many strong, intelligent women for whom this charity has been a light for in dark and distressing times. Their level of service, not only in providing women with professional attire, but also career coaching and development, has completely turned its clients’ lives around.

Our own Janice Borsholt, Manager of the Templine division, has been offering our candidates her own clothes and shoes for many years, continuing to donate to candidates once a month. Janice additionally runs voluntary career preparation seminars for candidates and is involved in ‘temp in training’ programs aimed at transitioning students into the workforce.

2. Aligns with Our Values

Dress for Success is a charity that aligns with the vales of AngusOne. Dignity, inclusiveness and hope are values we strive to deliver to candidates when they work with us. Assisting our candidates in their job search to help them live happy and fulfilled lives means everything to us. This has been a part of our mission since day one when AngusOne Staffing was set up in 1986.

3. Empathy and Compassion

The staff at AngusOne have a vision to help, consult and guide our candidates.   Meeting wonderful girls and women on a daily basis and facilitating them in their job search, resume preparation and interview skills allows us to empathise with the work that Dress for Success carries out.

4. Non-Government Funded

As Dress for Success Vancouver is a non-government funded charity, operating solely on the funds from corporate sponsorship, fundraising and donations, we felt a strong urge to help this charity in every way possible.

Career Centre Volunteering

Not only do we sponsor and help fund Dress for Success events, but we also volunteer at their Career Centre. The Career Centre promotes confidence and professionalism by providing visitors with personalized assistance in finding and obtaining a job. It also offers access to job postings, interview preparation and coaching.

Speaking on her involvement with the Career Centre, our Permanent Recruitment Consultant Charlene Pointer said ‘’I attended the Dress for Success Luncheon last year and was so impressed by their work that it inspired me to join this charity on a voluntary basis. Working closely with so many different women and helping them pursue a rewarding career is truly remarkable.’’

Working as a career specialist, Charlene supports the career centre by facilitating appointments during which the client has the opportunity to explore options and receive assistance in employment-related issues such as Resume and Cover Letter Review, LinkedIn Profile Development and Review, Interview Assistance, Computer Tutorials, Job Search and Career Exploration.

Interested in learning more about what this inspiring charity does? Read about their services and case studies here.

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