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Celebrating the Journey

In 1999 Dress for Success Vancouver (DFSV) opened its doors in the St Patricks Church on Main Street. Staffed entirely by volunteers, DFSV was the first international affiliate outside of the United States. They supported women re-entering the workforce by providing interview outfits and later that first year, coaching and mentorship through their Professional Women’s Group Program.

Over the last 20 years, more than 32,000 women have gone through the DFSV programs. This not-for-profit has supported itself through generous donors, various fundraisers and two major annual events. The Success Luncheon began in 2013 celebrating the success of an outstanding client and the IMPACT 360 event began in 2000, celebrating DFSV supporters and donors.

“Dress for Success Vancouver allowed me to believe in myself. The coaching I received made me focus on my goals and realize what I’m capable of,” shares Mercy Campbell, one of DFSV’s first Professional Women’s Group clients, “The outfit I initially received was important but the coaching, mentorship and friendship is what lasts forever, it changes a person. They give you confidence and tell you, you can do it and I’ve done it.”

“Dress for Success Vancouver has touched so many people across Greater Vancouver,” shares Dress for Success Vancouver Executive director, Jennifer Halinda. “I’m so proud of the work we have done and the impact we’ve made on the lives of so many women. The last 20 years have been truly inspiring and I have no doubt the next 20 of the organisation will continue to play a formative role in the empowerment of local women.”

This week, Dress for Success Vancouver begins celebrations of their 20-year anniversary by launching their special 20-year anniversary logo, designed by longtime volunteer Connie Chang of Type C Consulting. Tickets are also now on sale for the annual IMPACT 360 Fundraiser, which takes place Wednesday May 8that Regency Lexus. The event will bring together clients and DFSV supporters from the ages, celebrating the journey the organization has been on. Join us for IMPACT 360 | Celebrating the Journey.

Celebrate with us, and send a video Birthday Card! 

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