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‘From Your Shoulders’ A Poem by Tracey Wimperly

From Your Shoulders

I stand on your shoulders

Lifted high onto this perch

With trusted hands and

By the strength that is you.

From here, I can see for miles,

The comings and goings of our dusty paths

That crisscross, dip and dogleg,

Then bring us together again and again.

You carry me as if I was a feather

The weight of this sister-ness

Impossibly light, an effortless load;

How is it that we seem to float?

Beautiful friend, sister, warrior –

Lean in to our journey ahead,

And in rhythmic lockstep

Carry me forward with you.

-Tracey Wimperly

Tracey Wimperly is a writer, a storyteller and a connector. She is also a committed Dress for Success Vancouver volunteer and a monthly donor. To learn more about our community of monthly Success Donors and to join her, click here.

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