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IMPACT 360 Spotlight – Mary Blanca Villa y Battenberg

Mary Blanca Villa y Battenberg is one of our IMPACT 360 clients who will be walking down the runway on June 4th. A single mom to four year old Reese, she is a fighter, a survivor and an advocate for helping new immigrants get back on their feet.

Learn more about her story:

How did you first get introduced to Dress for Success Vancouver?

Last year I was organizing a makeover for immigrant women. We did a hair cut and colour at Suki’s salon and I was looking for sources to support us with the outfit makeover. I asked some people and they recommended Dress for Succcess Vancouver.

So I googled the website and I wrote an email explaining the Project of the Makeover and Dress for Success accept to help us. Since then, we organized 2 groups of women to be outfitted at the boutique. Later I received a call from Thelma Palma and she invited me to join the Professional Women Group, their career development program, I’m been a part of the program ever since.

How has this experience changed your life?

This experence change my life in many ways.

  1. I have been inspired for many women.
  2. I feel beautiful and grow my self esteem.
  3. I learn how to dress for an entreview and job here in Canada.
  4. I feel more confidence to speak up.
  5. I found a pathway to do my goals.
  6. I have an amazing networking!
  7. I feel integrate.
  8. I have a new friends.
  9. Dress for Success dresses my soul and empowers myself!
  10. The staff and volunteers from Dress for Success are amazing! They are so kind and professional.

What impact has your family had on you?

My family are my root and they give me the support to stand up in the worst moments and who put my feet on the earth in the good moments.  They teach me what loves mean and they teach me how to love. They are my light, my mirrow, my inspiration.

How do you think you’ve impacted your family?

My family are so proud of me. I just a reflection of who they are.

If you could share a piece of advice to other women looking for a career, what would you tell them?

It is never too late to start again. Everyday is a new opportunity so be open to the signs that life brings everyday. Prepare yourself, do workshops, trainings, volunteering, networking, never be afraid to ask for information, trust your self, set goals, give yourself the chance to do new things, believe in your dreams, Dream Big! Share your gifts with another. Pray! Follow your inner voice! Those who believe it can achieve it!

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