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Lady Speed Stick and Dress for Success Canada

An Announcement from Dress for Success Canada:

Lady Speed Stick® believes in giving women the self-belief and determination to pursue their dreams, despite the obstacles they face every day – and we at Dress for Success® believe in giving women the tools to overcome those obstacles in both work and in life. 

It’s the very definition of a shared vision, explains Kathryn Babcock, CEO of Dress for Success Canada Foundation. 

“Every day, women walk through the doors of Dress for Success® and their courage is met with the tools to help them thrive in work and in life. We support women across Canada to overcome immense obstacles—and keep moving forward. We are thrilled to partner with Lady Speed Stick® to make this vision an unstoppable reality from coast to coast.” 

Between June 15 and July 12, 2019, every time you purchase Lady Speed Stick® at Shoppers Drug Mart, 50¢ will be donated to Dress for Success® Canada Foundation, helping to empower women achieve economic independence. 

 And as a small thank you from Lady Speed Stick® and Shoppers Drug Mart, you will receive 500 PC Optimum points every time you purchase any two Lady Speed Stick® products and help propel women forward. 

Dress for Success Vancouver Featured on Breakfast Television for Lady Speed Stick®

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