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Strategies to Deal With Frustration

On June 1st, Rhodes Wellness College hosted our Career Center for an interactive workshop called ‘Strategies for Dealing with Frustration.’

Frustration is something that we all deal with in our professional and personal lives. It’s okay to have these negative feelings, but it is important to handle them in a positive and beneficial way.

The women who attended the workshop shared with each other openly and one of the big takeaways from the workshop was learning to identify the source of frustrations. Frustrations often come from unmet needs. Identifying and speaking about theses needs can empower you to make the necessary changes to move forward positively.

One of the clients that attended said she enjoyed the workshop because it was interactive. “We could discuss and share ideas,” she said. “I learned that frustration is just how you perceive things. You should concentrate on the facts and work with people to change things.”

Thank you to Rhodes Wellness College for hosting us in such a wonderful workshop.

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