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Amy Robichaud Nominated for Women of Distinction Award

Amy Robichaud, Dress for Success Vancouver’s Executive Director has been nominated for a YWCA Metro Vancouver Women of Distinction Award. From all of us at Dress for Success Vancouver, Congratulations Amy!

“I’m deeply honoured to be nominated in the Non-Profit category for the 40th edition of the YWCA Metro Vancouver’s Women of Distinction Awards presented by Scotiabank.

What a field of stunning sunflowers to stand amongst, each nominee there because they ultimately are looking towards a brighter future and seeking to shed the spotlight on others. A huge and humbling thank you to my referees Taleeb Noormohamed & Natasha Jeshani, CPHR (herself a nominee in the Business category).

I hope this nomination will shed the spotlight on the work and impact of Dress for Success Vancouver and on the importance of taking a feminist approach to both the programs and operations in the non-profit sector.

With economic equity for women still only a smudge on the horizon, paying well, providing meaningful benefits, and a healthy workplace culture should be the minimum standard for non-profit employers – not something that garners an award nomination.

Last year, Dress for Success Vancouver provided 4,450 service touch point for underemployed or unemployed women, each costing an average of $176.

And, in 2022 women who found employment or better employment thanks to our programs collectively earned $9.8 million. That’s at 11,449% return on investment.

Imagine the economic power if this represented more than 0.5% of underemployed and unemployed women in Metro Vancouver? Actually, you don’t have to – it would be $21 billion annually.

That’s my goal. And while I am so grateful to be recognized now, that is the prize I really want: an economic engine of $21 billion annually, powered by women who have good jobs, financial independence, and personal success.”

– Amy Robichaud

See all the nominees and cast your vote for the “Connecting the Community Award” here.

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