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Work at Turnabout Community Thrift Store!

Lead with dedication and enthusiasm and ensure that Turnabout’s high level of customer service is maintained at all times as Store Manager of Turnabout Community!

Four Job Domains


  • Be on the Sales Floor selling with your team.
  • Coaching staff, selling techniques and wardrobing.
  • Leading by example!
  • Must be adaptable to give excellent customer service to EVERYONE that walks through the door!
  • Managers must instil this in their staff and always be building existing and new customer relationships.
  • Sets the tone for the day.
    • Have a friendly approach when each staff member enters the store.
    • Hold the morning meeting
    • Go over any new promotions, changes to policies, new exciting product that has come it, new promotions and goals for the day!
    • Achieve store sales goals
    • Ensure team awareness of sales expectations on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
    • Motivate and lead the team by working with them to meet and exceed personal goals and planned daily goals and to maximize selling during low and high traffic times
    • Set a positive example to all employees through dedication and enthusiasm
    • Ensure that Turnabout’s high level of customer service is maintained at all times
    • Work with the team to expand the client base and our client services


  • Keep current on new and existing fashion labels, via internet/magazines/local shopping.
  • Share knowledge of brands/designers with the team.
  • Shop the competition to ensure that our standards exceed theirs and take note of areas where we can improve; create and execute improvement plan(s).


  • Team Development
    • Develop and implement a schedule for regular meetings with individual staff in order to help them succeed and grow at Turnabout.
    • Ensure that all staff (sales, POS, opening and closing) are trained and kept updated in new or revised policies and procedures. Assist in training as needed.
    • Lead the team in a positive manner and create and maintain a positive environment for team and customers
    • Mentor and train staff to provide excellent customer service.
    • Be vigilant and aware and protect Turnabout from inside and outside theft. Be accountable for procedures not being followed which lead to loss of Turnabout and/or consignor property.
    • Delegate team responsibilities and supervise work loads.
    • Be familiar with all Code of Conduct Policies and expectations of professional conduct and ensure that they are strictly followed by staff at all times.
    • Keep all safety standards and WCB requirements.


  • Create a daily plan for the store, in regard to zoning, breaks, security and loss prevention and delegate someone to administer the plan during vacations, time off, and any periods of absence from the store.
  • Communicate the daily plan and set break times with staff at the beginning of each day.
  • Making sure there is a continual flow between the consignment area and the floor to get stock out. (Back to zoning, a tagger/steamer.)
  • Ensure that all items in store are in sellable condition, great selling styles and priced correctly.
  • Ensure that the Acting Manager and the team know what is expected on management days off/vacation, including daily goals and processing of merchandise and stock for the floor.
  • Maintain competency in all areas of the business (stock, consignment, merchandising, sales, and brand awareness.)
  • Ensure that daily housekeeping duties are completed and that tasks are fairly distributed.
  • Ensure that supplies are adequately stocked and supplies that need to be ordered.
  • Ensure daily paperwork (opening and closing) is complete and correct with problems clearly marked.
  • Control petty cash and keep an accurate accounting of expenditures.
  • Ensure that all tasks are completed quickly and efficiently and keep the team motivated on selling and on accomplishing all tasks at hand.
  • Keep store safety procedures in place, deal with any customer incidents by following procedure and sending report to management.
  • Regularly communicate with the GM and owner, and convey any questions and concerns as they arise.

Interested applicants may email their resume and cover letter to julie@turnabout.com.

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