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Cinzia’s Story

Do you know that more than 90% of people don’t use the power of their voice? In our lives, the voice has become increasingly important. What we say is important, but how we say it is fundamental! If you have something to say, the power of your voice fills the space and creates a new direction for your idea.

My name is Cinzia Candela. My favourite colours are red and blue; I give a lot of importance to colours. For 35 years, I have worked with the voices of many people. When I was a teenager, I had a tough surgery and lay in bed for more than a year. The only company and joy for me was listening to the radio and reading books. During my life in Italy, I decided to become a speaker, realizing the enormous potential that the voice possesses. 

When I heard my voice as a speaker, I developed a project on communication through the radio, television and theatre, and also through teaching at school. My work in Italy towards my dream was about to come to an end when my husband received an offer for work that we couldn’t refuse.

In 2015, I arrived in Canada. I lost a year and a half being challenged by a thousand doubts and errors of judgment. There began a new sense that I was unable to understand who I was in this new place that still bothers me now. The red of the Canadian flag had attracted me, but all that white had made me feel that the Cinzia that I knew before had disappeared.

In 2017, I visited an expo dedicated to job hunting and discovered Dress for Success Vancouver. I got involved immediately. At Dress for Success Vancouver, I felt finally someone was listening to me and it was a woman who had walked the same path as me! I immediately felt accepted and supported. I felt a sense of welcome and understanding that is hard to explain

In the early days I attended most of the workshops, but my language barrier prevented me from understanding what I had to do, so on the advice of Dress for Success I went back to school to learn English from the beginning. This led to a new job working at the airport, where I could practice my English and also usetwo other languages I know, French and Spanish.  My uniform was deep blue.

The most important moment came two years ago, after the loss of my mothers. When my mother died, I lost my center again and Dress for Success Vancouver referred me to the Telus MyHealth counseling program that  helped me get back into the reorganization of my life.

Once again, I was able to take control of my life and feel able to regain my stability. It was very hard to start living again with confidence and enthusiasm, but I am more and more convinced that this organization has changed my perspective and made me more self-confident, as well as making me meet a reality full of empathy and purpose.

After becoming an Ambassador for Dress for Success Vancouver, I was invited by the team to a photo shoot. I didn’t expect the experience of being followed by the volunteers who picked out  garments chosen especially for me.  It was crazy! I love to dress with care and I believe that an outfit suited to the circumstances is the best first impression of oneself. 

When women are willing to help each other, they are capable of achieving great things. I hope one day to share a project with the Dress for Success Vancouver community that is not only about my economic independence, but, above all, about my gratitude to these women who know how to fortify and nourish the mind and spirit of the sacred feminine.   

The day of my Ambassador photoshoot, I chose an outfit with a bold cut and bold colours. Red for my passion for voice, and blue like the depth of the Canadian ocean. I felt like the right person in the right place. 

The time has come to give back what I have received and I look forward to continue to share my journey with other women. 

You can help make more dreams of confidence, community and connection come true by empowering women like Cinzia into good jobs, financial independence and personal success by donating today.

Cinzia’s Portrait by Badzak Creative

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