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Following Up With Fiona

Fiona Hogg, a PWG member and a DFS Ambassador, has been inspiring the Dress for Success Vancouver community for the past few years. Fiona was originally a Dress for Success client referred to us through WorkBC after a series of difficult events brought her to Vancouver. Since then she has had an incredible journey of personal growth and transformation and in 2016 Fiona was the recipient of the Success Luncheon’s Inspiration Award. Recently we sat down with Fiona to see where this past year has taken her.

In 2017 Fiona graduated from the PWG, and said, “I’ve really enjoyed the women who are a part of the PWG the women who have chosen to share their stories – their successes.” Fiona says that because the PWG is a safe environment, there is a lot of sharing that can happen there. But, her journey with the PWG isn’t done yet.

Although she has officially graduated from the PWG she has renewed her commitment by representing DFS Vancouver at the 13th Annual Success Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. At the summit fifty-eight women from around the world came together for an inspiring weekend with a focus on civic leadership and volunteering. “We shared in some amazing workshops with guest speakers from Dress for Success Worldwide,” she said. “The sharing and the learning that went on was amazing.“

In addition to being an inspiring weekend, the Summit also served as the launch for their Community Action Project – CAP – an eight-month leadership journey that Fiona is undertaking with fellow PWG member Maria.

This year’s CAP is taking a global approach with the theme, ‘Women in Poverty.’ Though they are still working through their proposal submission Fiona and Maria both hope to make a lasting impact through their efforts. Fiona is most excited about helping women help themselves, “As women helping each other is in our nature, and I want to be able to continue to contribute however I can and hopefully that will make a difference in another woman’s life.“

Having a lasting impact, or a legacy is an important part of the project. “Whatever we work towards we want it to not just be a one–off. We want it to be something that is impactful and it will be part of what the women will learn when they walk through the doors at Dress for Success,“ she said.

As Fiona reflects on her journey with Dress for Success and her experience in Phoenix she said that her biggest take away was realizing that there are so many women who have had similar journeys. “To listen to their stories and to listen to what they have over come was very humbling,” she said. And, that at the end of the day Dress for Success helps each woman, “No questions asked.” Fiona continues to be an ambassador for Dress for Success and wants everyone to know, “The support that people give to Dress for Success is making a difference in so many lives.“

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I want to be able to continue to contribute however I can and hopefully that will make a difference.