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Helen’s Story

Helen is a newcomer from Vietnam. She came to Canada a year ago after 17 years in the banking industry in her home country. She is seeking to make a better life for herself and her family in her new country but, just as she was ready to enter the job market, the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Although Helen has great skills, she’s finding it tough to find steady work. She’s very determined and is staying active by improving her skills and taking a business management course.

Helen found part time work as an office assistant & salesperson and is hoping that the position will develop into full-time work that can meet her needs.

“One day, when I was job searching, I thought ‘I need to learn how to dress properly for this work culture’,” said Helen. “I looked on the internet and found Dress for Success.”

Helen was connected with Helping Women Now volunteers Linda and Sue. She got one-on-one help via Zoom with updating her resume and doing interviews.

“They’re doing a great job! Linda and Sue were excellent listeners and helped me to express myself more precisely,” said Helen. “I had many people before trying to help me – but Linda and Sue really helped me a lot and showed me how to explain what my experience is. I really appreciated it. They did a great job for me.”

Already, she’s thinking of volunteering to pick up that invaluable Canadian experience. “I think that volunteering might help me bridge into my new community. My experience in finance means I could help with volunteer tax filing or something like that. I really want to engage in the community so I can use my experience and knowledge. And it will help me adapt to the community better. Giving and receiving at the same time is always a great thing.”

Helen has a new determination and more confidence since connecting with Helping Women Now.

“My resume is now better. I’m hoping for a full-time job. The business I’m working for now may expand – so I’m hoping for that. In the meantime, I’m exploring the market and trying my best.”

You can help more women like Helen. Visit Helping Women Now to see how HERE

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Giving and receiving at the same time is always a great thing.