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Jadine’s Story

Jadine is one of Dress for Success Vancouver’s ten client ambassadors that will be walking the runway on May 9th at IMPACT 360 | Flourish. Her story of growth and resilience is an inspiring example of what Dress for Success strives to accomplish with all the women that come through our doors. Jadine is flourishing in her work and her life and she is now committed to empowering other women to achieve their goals. This is her story:

In the past, being in controlling relationships has stifled me, so now that I have stepped out of the shadows of those relationships, and now I am exploring and learning who I truly am. As I take one day at a time and move forward in my own personal development, I’m pushing myself and reaching beyond my comfort zone. I am thankful for the support and encouragement that I have received from all the women who I have met during my last couple of years and Dress for Success Vancouver has been a huge part of this growth.

I was laid off in 2015 from a position that I had really enjoyed when I first started, however after 2 ½ years I was ready for a change. I knew I needed some help and inspiration to find my next position, and so I went to Abbotsford Works for some guidance. My caseworker called me one day about a special event called “Hope and Style Day.” I was honoured to be 1 of 10 women from Abbotsford selected to participate in this amazing event. Although I had heard of Dress for Success Vancouver, this was my first personal experience. It was a special day of pampering which include being guided through the process of selecting a new Interview outfit. The staff at Dress for Success was very knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging and not long after, I found employment.

In spring of 2016 I was contact by a volunteer for Professional Women’s Group (PWG) to join this spectacular program. Although it was a long drive out to Vancouver once a month I decided to take on this challenge as part of my own personal growth. I very much enjoyed all the guest speakers, who were knowledgeable and so willing to share their experiences with our group. The organizers were awesome at engaging a good variety of speakers on diverse topics.

Now, being able to give back to an organization that has been such a big part of my journey is so exciting for me. I am giving back as a client ambassador and I have also sponsored five women to give them the opportunities that I have had. I look to forward to continuing this journey of growth and I hope to inspire, support and encourage all the women currently in my life, and all the women I have yet to meet. I desire to help women to believe they deserve more and encouraging them to follow their dreams no matter how big or small. I will continue to challenge myself as I share what an organization Dress for Success is.

Join us on May 9th for IMPACT 360 | Flourish

Photo: Broda Photography

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Dress for Success Vancouver has been a huge part of my growth.