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Lara’s Story

This year, Dress for Success Vancouver has selected ten women to be client ambassadors. These women have gone though our programs and they are ready to share their journeys and the impact that Dress for Success has had on their lives. Lara is one of the ten client ambassadors who will be walking the runway and representing Dress for Success Vancouver on May 9th at our signature gala IMPACT 360 | Flourish. Here is her story:

After an extensive career as an ESL teacher and trainer I decided to transition into a new industry and pursue a career as an employment counselor. This professional shift was not as easy as I had initially anticipated, though. This took a lot of effort, commitment, additional training and, most of all, resilience to build connections in the field. Dress for Success Vancouver played a key role in my journey and I am forever appreciative for the professional and emotional support that I received.

I was referred to Dress for Success Vancouver for my first suiting appointment while I was volunteering for a women’s employment service program. At first, I didn’t realize what a difference a new set of clothes would make in someone’s level of self- confidence. Mine grew immediately. I was very thankful for that new professional outfit and outlook.

Within three months, I found my first job as a career advisor. I was then invited to participate in the Dress for Success Vancouver’s leadership program called Professional Women Group (PWG). I found that experience very educational and I learned something new at each meeting. In the spring of that year, however, I lost my job abruptly. I felt vulnerable and my level of self-confidence plummeted. However, my active participation in the PGW meetings gave me that solid sense of belonging and full awareness that I was not alone in this job search journey. I knew I was supported by a group of empowering women and I truly did feel empowered. Those meetings were pivotal for me. They guided me in my transition to my current position as a career coach and I am happy to be thriving in it.

I recently joined another workshop put on by Dress for Success Vancouver’s Career Centre. The workshop is called Express Yourself and it is designed to strengthen public speaking skills. I found myself once again beautifully immersed in an incredible network of talented women. It has given me a safe platform where I can stretch and develop my self-confidence on stage and become a more effective public speaker.

Dress for Success Vancouver truly creates a supportive environment where all women can flourish and reach their full potential!

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Photo by Broda Photography

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Dress for Success Vancouver truly creates a supportive environment where all women can flourish!