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Meet Tarana Sultan

Professional Women’s Group (PWG) client Tarana Sultan won a scholarship to attend our Success Summit in Alexandria, Virginia in 2014 to learn about creating a Community Action Project (CAP) that would give back to her community. Tarana decided to give back to the Somali Youth Association of BC (SYABC), established to help settle new comers, refugees and immigrants to Canada. Her passion for research and development projects led her to help SYABC as they were challenged with a lack of program development skills, organizing, planning, and implementing different project activities. Young members of SYABC were willing to develop professionally and gain important organizational skills. From January 1 – May 3, 2015, her team of PWG volunteers focused their (CAP) on team building training activities to the young members by providing educational workshops and developing their organizational skills.

The impact of the CAP program on Somali Youth Association of BC helped develop the strategic thinking and planning skills of 18 participants: Board Member, Executive Members, and volunteers of SYABC. More than 12 participants attended Leadership, Office and Project Management and Conflict Management training and improved their organizational and decision making skills. The team also helped with Time Management and Communication skills development for 17 participants and 11 participants gained knowledge on basics of Accounting and Bookkeeping. In kind donations of 1 Desktop Computer, 2 Printers, 4 Flat computer screens were given to SYABC.

The success of the CAP project inspired many of her committee members. “There were openness, acceptance, and understanding between cultures. The workshops taught them a lot, benefitting their association and their personal lives, adapted to Canadian way of being professional on all levels”.

“Tarana was an awesome leader helping me with presenting and gave me feedback on how to supervise a team using each team member’s strength and delegating tasks accordingly. She really modelled collaborative methods and provided a great atmosphere”

Congratulations Tarana on a successful Community Action Project- we are so proud of your hard work and efforts!

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An awesome leader... She really modelled collaborative methods and provided a great atmosphere.