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Rachel’s Story

Rachel is one of Dress for Success Vancouver’s Helping Women Now clients. She found herself struggling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and found the support and connection she needed to navigate the new challenges.  Here is her story:


Rachel was working in a health clinic, but her hours disappeared once the pandemic hit. Now, she’s at home taking care of her son and looking for a new job. But times are hard. There aren’t a lot of jobs.

Rachel saw a posting for a position, but didn’t feel confident about applying. Losing work is always a blow, but this is a discouraging time. Then Rachel saw information about DFS Vancouver’s Helping Women Now program, and reached out. DFS Career Center volunteer Amandeep connected with her by Zoom to help with her resume and cover letter.

“Amandeep gave me tips on how to tailor my resume to the job description I saw. She was really good and very knowledgeable,” says Rachel. “I felt motivated and positive after I talked to her. It gave me a bit of hope.”

“Dress for Success’ Helping Women Now really goes the extra mile to help women. They don’t only give these services for free; they care about what’s happening in our lives and relate to how their services can be relevant.”

Rachel felt empowered in her session and inspired by the community of women helping women. “I wish more power to all of you who are volunteering time, skills and talents to the success of your organization. I hope in the future when I am capable, I would be able to give back and help others.”

Support more women like Rachel through our Helping Women Now program HERE

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It gave me a bit of hope.