We always have a variety of unique and meaningful opportunities to contribute to the Dress for Success Vancouver Community. From high-priority volunteers to our most needed items, here are the things we need the most right now. 

What We Need

We are looking for workshop speakers for our public workshops and Professional Women’s Group professional development program.⁠ Specifically, we are interested in experienced workshop presenters and/or public speakers who can volunteer to speak confidently to our community on any of the following topics: physical and mental health wellness, emotional intelligence, leadership, navigating the workplace, negotiation, family law, stress and burnout management, career transitions, the job search and job market, resume and cover letter writing, and work-life balance.⁠

Become a Workshop Speaker

Dress for Success Vancouver is looking for volunteer mentors to support clients in their personal and professional journey. During one-on-one monthly meetings, mentors will provide guidance, coaching, and advice to their mentees, help them set realistic personal and professional goals, and provide input to create action steps to achieve them. Mentors provide constructive feedback in a supportive way, and may also help connect their mentees to other resources and make introductions to others in their network.⁠

If you are at a point in your career where you are ready to support another woman in her career development, let’s explore your potential as a mentor with Dress for Success Vancouver!⁠

Apply to be a Mentor

As we continue to move forward with hybrid meetings, workshops and client services we are seeking an OWL Meeting and Conferencing Webcam so that we can collaborate and reach our clients most effectively no matter where they are.

If you have an OWL to donate or you would like to purchase one for us, please contact natasha@dfsvancouver.org 

Dress for Success Vancouver is always in need of handbags, jewelry, shoes and clothing in extended sizes. Help us support women entering the workforce by donating the items that we need the most. ⁠To book a donation drop-off time click the link below.

If there are no upcoming drop-off appointments available and you have these specific items to give, please call our office at (604) 408-7923 ext 222 or email hello@dfsvancouver.org and mention that you would like to donate these items. 

Book your Drop-off Appointment

We are in need of 30 storage bins to help organize our new space. These bins can be found for approximately 10 dollars per bin on IKEA.

If you would like to purchase these items, please email hello@dfsvancouver.org 

We are looking for three electric fabric shavers to help efficiently remove lint and keep clothing items in excellent condition for our clients.

If you are able to assist, please visit our Amazon Wishlist.