Deb Twocock Award Winner 2022

Brenda has been a volunteer with Dress for Success Vancouver for 18 years. There isn’t much about this organization that she hasn’t witnessed or influenced.

After concluding her term as Board Chair in 2007, she continued to dedicate her time and caring energy to Dress for Success Vancouver clients by establishing the Professional Women’s Group Alumnae – an initiative that continues to be a welcoming and supportive community for graduates of the PWG program. She is still leading the Alumnae group, volunteering to coordinate several Alumnae meetings, both in person and virtual, each year.

In addition, she is always one of the first community members to sign up for Dress for Success Vancouver events, campaigns, and calls to action. Simply put, Dress for Success Vancouver would not be the organization that it is today – without Brenda.

Lucia Crosson Award Winner 2021

Growing and leading with her own vulnerability, Mary worked with two PWG mentees this past year, in addition to being a speaker and content contributor to the Professional Women’s Group program and gifting graduates with her book. This year, she’s continuing to mentor in the Ambassador program and we’re so grateful for her ongoing support for clients and the mission of Dress for Success Vancouver.

Volunteer of the Month

We are thrilled to honour Paige Brettle as our Volunteer of the Month.

Paige Brettle has been volunteering with Dress For Success Vancouver since January 2023. She is a Dressing Services Stylist and a guest speaker for our Public Workshop Series, where she helps attendees tackle the ABC’s of their finances. Her sessions are accessible, informative and she adds a personal style to all she does. With her great sense of humour and welcoming attitude, she makes clients both on and offline feel right at home. Her favourite part of volunteering is the smile on the face of a client when they find a hidden gem in the dressing racks.

Paige aims to support primarily female-led and female-founded businesses and services. Her favourite find as of late is the female-founded Canadian Zazubean Superfood Dark Chocolate Bars – especially their “Hottie” chili and cinnamon 71% cacao bars.

Thank you, Paige, for all that you do for Dress for Success Vancouver.

Our volunteers are essential to the success of our organization. We are pleased to recognize them for the gifts, talents and commitment that they share with the Dress for Success Vancouver community.

The Deb Twocock Award

The Deb Twocock Award is a legacy honour named for the first Executive Director of Dress for Success Vancouver. Deb was an essential part of growing the Dress for Success Vancouver community from its infancy and we celebrate her memory with this honour.  The Deb Twocock award is given to an existing volunteer who has exceeded all expectations in their role as a Dress for Success Vancouver volunteer. They heard the call to serve and did so in such a manner that their excellence was seen by all and had to be recognized. This award is given annually and voted on by the Board of Directors.

The Lucia Crosson Award

The Lucia Crosson award is for a new volunteer who broke the mold and shone in their role as a  member of the Dress for Success Vancouver community. Like the Deb Twocock award, this is a legacy award that commemorates the work and dedication of past founding staff member Lucia Crosson. Lucia’s commitment to uplifting all members of Dress for Success Vancouver is reflected in the award winners. This award is given annually and voted on by the Board of Directors.

The Volunteer of the Month Award

Because so many of our volunteers go above and beyond the call of duty, we celebrate the contributions of one special volunteer every month. Our Volunteers of the Month are nominated and voted on by staff for exceptional recent contributions to Dress for Success Vancouver.