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Sarah’s Story: The Future of Fashion is Pre-Loved

Great fashion pieces tell a story – especially luxury pre-loved pieces that support a good cause and contribute to a sustainable circular economy.

In 2015, Award-winning Fashion Stylist & Personal Style Curator, Sarah D’Arcey first connected with Turnabout Luxury Resale’s founder Joy Mauro through Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week as a stylist for Turnabout’s fashion show at the event. They connected over a love of designer fashion, but quickly realised they shared a passion for quality over quantity and a sustainable, minimalist approach to closet curation. Now, Sarah collaborates with Joy and Turnabout frequently through editorial, ecommerce and personal styling projects. 

“I was initially attracted to Joy and to Turnabout because I loved the hand-picked, luxury pieces and approach to customer service in their boutiques, but our relationship quickly developed as I learned how invested she also was in people. As a stylist I shop a lot but despite that, I’m consumption conscious. I educate my clients on the value of having ‘few better things’ which aligns so perfectly with the sustainability-driven values at Turnabout,” explains Sarah. “Having a resource like Turnabout, where all eight locations hand-pick their stock, and I can find top quality, unique pieces in great condition – some never or barely ever worn – is a huge advantage to both my business and the planet.”

According to earth.org, 92 million tons of clothes-related waste is discarded and more than $500 billion are lost every year due to lack of recycling and upcycling. A 2020 study found that circular business models including fashion rentals, resale, and repair could help the fashion industry save at least 143 million tons of GHG emissions by 2030. Sarah is an advocate for re-loving pre-loved fashion; she understands when clothing is well-designed and made with quality materials you can wear it longer and love it longer, or in Turnabout’s case, pass it on to someone else to love.

“Fast fashion is about fast transactions and feeding the instant gratification we’ve come to crave,” Sarah says. “Pre-loved shopping is so much more mindful as you have to be sure you have the right fit and you’re often shopping for more classic styles rather than picking up the latest trends. At Turnabout, I see shoppers thinking more about their purchases, feeling the fabrics, considering how and where they’ll wear the item with existing pieces in their closet. This mindset changes the approach to buying and slows down consumption.”

Many do not know that Turnabout is Canada’s first luxury clothing reseller to add an entirely non-profit location to its business model. Turnabout community, located on Fraser Street in East Vancouver, donates all net profits to Dress for Success Vancouver and their employment programming for women. Sharing Joy’s philanthropic mindset, Sarah has offered her styling and merchandising skills to the organisation, since 2018.

“Turnabout’s culture is one of community and generosity. Joy, her family and the Turnabout team are passionate about supporting one another. Supporting and lifting others up are cornerstones of the business, and that extends to the support they give not-for-profit organisations and their approach to sustainability. There are a lot of big ideas out there, and Joy is someone who makes it happen, always to the benefit of others,” says Sarah.

Turnabout’s model reduces the demand for new clothing production, lowering the environmental impact of fashion. The growing popularity of luxury re-sale promotes a circular economy by extending the life cycle of garments and diverting pieces headed for the landfill. It’s also a fashion-forward approach that many stylish consumers are recognizing. Choosing consignment or pre-loved fashion allows shoppers to create a distinctive style that stands out from mass-produced clothing.

“It’s exciting to find those treasures. And there are treasures for everyone at Turnabout, no matter what your economic approach to fashion is. You can often find designer, vintage or premium brands at a fraction of the retail price,” laughs Sarah. “Everyone from students to the upper echelons of society’s high fashion are finding something whether it’s a statement piece, an accessory or piece of clothing that makes their eyes light up.”

In addition, Turnabout is not only making money for not-for-profits like Dress for Success Vancouver, but for shoppers themselves. Every closet has a dollar value. Pre-loved fashion and consignment can be a profitable side hustle for those interested in monetizing their passion for designer fashion, and renewing their closet.

“It’s the future of fashion,”says Sarah. “Fast fashion is losing its appeal as trends resurface and vintage style increases in popularity. When you get a little creative with your style, it shows in your clothing and your confidence. Dress for Success Vancouver and Turnabout are so aligned in their missions to re-inspire. Whether it’s clothing that’s been hiding at the back of a closet or a woman rediscovering her confidence, it’s about a fresh approach to something that already holds value.”

Join Turnabout Community and Dress for Success Vancouver Thursday, May 2 for a Spring Sip & Shop event. Visit Turnabout Community at 4180 Fraser Street, Vancouver from 5:30 to 7:30  pm to sip, shop and socialise as you browse the latest in pre-loved fashion with net proceeds benefiting Dress for Success Vancouver. Please help us reduce our environmental impact by bringing your own bag!

RSVP at https://dfsvancouver.ca/events/turnabout_sip_shop/ 

Enter to win $100 to Turnabout Community and a one-hour Personal Styling Session with Celebrity Fashion Stylist Sarah D’Arcey. https://dfsvancouver.ca/news/earthday/ Contest closes April 26th.

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