Jessica’s Story

I walked into Dress for Success Vancouver on a beautiful March day, the sky a bright blue. On my way up to the office, I felt nervous, as if it was my first day at school.

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Janet’s Story

I went to Dress for Success and listened to women like myself who wanted something better, something greater for themselves. These women weren’t attached to their function like their job, they were connecting with their souls and their spirits. After attending the Professional Women’s Group meetings for six months, I received an invitation for suiting services. The experience that followed will always be one of my fondest. 

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Maria’s Story

Since I immigrated, I have received countless blessings. I only knew a couple of friends in Vancouver but met wonderful strangers along the way who became my lifelong friends and helped me in my journey.  I was excited about starting a new life in my new home.

I did find a job and worked my way up to a management role and life was amazing! I was living in a blissful bubble for a good 12 years, where I felt shielded and protected from the adversities of life. Then, one day, the bubble burst.

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Jess’s Story

When I showed up for my Dress for Success Vancouver suiting appointment, I was beaten down. At the lowest point of my life, with little self-confidence. I was genuinely welcomed as soon as I stepped into the boutique, and everyone treated me with dignity. I joined the PWG and this program opened and changed my life. They offered me the mentors and leadership development that I longed for.

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Eva’s Story

When I came to Canada with my husband 20 years ago, I was hoping for a better life for us.  And, for a while, it was.  My son was born in Canada, but my husband just couldn’t adapt to life here.  He became depressed, gave up and moved back to China.  That meant I was a single mother, receiving no financial support to help raise my son.

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